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Slow Computer

If your computer is 3 years old or more, slow speed may be due to new software that is designed to run on new, more powerful computers. Often, adding more memory is a good very easy solution.

If your computer is newer than 3 years, a slowdown is usually because of a malware infestation. Of course an older PC may suffer from this too.

Spyware, Viruses and Malware

Adware, spyware, or malware have become the most serious threat to your computer. These will, without your permission, actively deliver advertising to you, or capture your information and send it to a third party. At best these will slow down and clutter your computer. Often they completely disable your computer, and may steal information such as credit card numbers. Shockingly, more than half the computers I see have some level of infestation.

Viruses are another kind of malware that are still a problem. It is important to have a good Anti-Virus or Internet Security software package running to keep malware away.

Some of this malware is very difficult to remove, but it’s always possible.

Dead Computer or Frozen Computer

There are several reasons why a computer may not start up, or may freeze up. Solving the problem may require replacing some hardware, or fixing some software. If the computer is old, it may be best to simply replace it and take advantage of the improved performance vs. price of a new computer.

New Computer

When you get a new computer it can take a lot of work to set it up to work the way you want and to transfer files from the old computer. I have efficient ways of doing this.