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Internet and E-mail

A good Internet connection and e-mail is essential for modern life. I can find and set up a cost-effective solution. Or fix one.


A home or small business local network is useful and easy. It lets you...

Smart Phones and Tablets

Smart phones and tablet computers can receive e-mail and synchronize with your calendar and contact list on your main computer. I can set this up for you.

Smart phones connect to the Internet through the cell phone network, which can be expensive. I can make sure it connects to your home or business wireless network instead, when available.


Even the smallest business need a web site. If your requirements are not too specialized, I can set one up for you, get a domain name (ex: www.mybusiness.com), and do hosting, and layout design. Simple web sites are easy and cheap to set up.

Connecting Devices to Your Computer

I can connect Printers, iPods, MP3 Players, Cameras, Smart Phones, Scanners, Monitors, Speakers, and other things to your computer.

Choosing New Equipment

As you know, computers and related equipment have improved enormously while costs have stayed the same or dropped. I have bought many computers for my clients. Choosing the right items to buy is can be complex. Without help, many buyers spend hundreds more than they should.

Each manufacturer offers many options, some of which are good deals, many of which are not, or will not benefit your way of working. I know the art of finding the most cost-effective deals.

In many cases a new piece of hardware can improve your existing computer. I listen to your needs and then search out cost-effective solutions.