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Lost Data

Your data can be the most valuable part of your computer. It’s easy to recover lost data as long as the hard disk is not the root cause of the failure. And if it has failed, I have techniques that can sometimes get a bad hard disk to run long enough to get the data off.

Shredding Data (Secure Delete Data )

When you dispose of an old computer or its hard disk, even if you delete the data, it can often be recovered. To prevent sensitive personal or business data from getting out, you must "secure delete" it, which requires using special software, or physical destruction. This is one of my frequent tasks.

If you store sensitive business data, there may be laws requiring you to shred the data.

Why I am the Computer Doctor

From the user's point of view, computers and software aren’t designed and built very well and don’t work very well, compared to every other consumer item. So they cause pain and anguish all too often.

They are created and serviced mostly by people who are more comfortable with machines than people. They are different from the normal people who use computers, which is a major reason for the pain and anguish. To be fair, computers are by far the most complex consumer items ever, so it's not easy.

I used to be one of those geeks, but I have grown out of it and now I have sympathy for normal users of computers. I can feel your pain.

The complexity and the haphazard structure of software and computers means their behavior is not fully predictable. No one understands it all, although geeks often think they do.

The human body is another complex and only partly understood system. Fixing computer problems is bit like medicine, which is why I call myself the Computer Doctor. Most problems are simple, but solving complex ones requires both art and science. I try the simplest and least intrusive solution first, test it, and go on. Like a medical doctor, but the steps take minutes, not days.

And if the computer patient needs new parts or even a total replacement, it’s not a big deal. I’m not a real doctor, but I do have a masters in computer science, and have been working with them for over 25 years.