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The Computer Doctor is in Australia for a year

And will not be available to work on your computers until further notice.

Best of Luck !

Unlike Technical Support people who work for big corporations or for big chain stores, I work only for you, my customers. I answer my own phone. I am not a salesman of equipment or software, so I can give impartial advice for any purchases and find the best prices. And my rates are less!

Since 2003 I have solved thousands of computer problems and improved efficiency for hundreds of satisfied clients at home and in small businesses.

I do not try to impose new methods or new software or hardware technology unless we both agree that there will be clear benefits. I am careful to disrupt your work as little as possible.

House Calls to Your Home

Computers are great when they work. They can be fun and very useful. But when they don't work, they are the most frustrating things ever invented.  They waste your time and can make you feel dumb. I can make your computer fun and useful. And my rates are low!


$60 per hour, $30 minimum, no charge for travel if near Groton

On Site at Your Small Business

Computers are an important part of any modern business. When they don't work, they can bring your business down, causing you to lose time and money, miss business opportunities, and your customers to lose confidence in your service.

Hidden Problems

Even when they seem to be working, computers can have hidden problems that can slow your efficiency, cause errors, and sow the seeds of trouble.

The Computer Doctor can help

My 25 years of experience with computers, both hardware and software, gives me the knowledge and skill to choose and implement the appropriate technology to improve your computer experience.

How to Keep Your Computer Healthy

Download this useful document. (It's free, and there's no annoying form to fill out.)

Sorry, Mac owners, we only do PC's  (But nothing against them.)